We are people and solutions focused

  • We will listen to you carefully to understand your individual needs and wishes.

  • We will not judge you or your choices.

  • Always have your safety and wellbeing as our focus.

  • We will outline all your options, and the risks, advantages and disadvantages of each option.

  • We will respect your decisions and work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.

  • We will ensure you are advised how we charge and give you an estimate of your legal costs at our first conference with you. We will keep you informed of costs at every stage of your case.

  • We will ensure you understand the costs and benefits or court proceedings.

  • We will aim to help you achieve cooperative co-parenting.

  • We will help you achieve the best financial settlement for your individual circumstances.

  • We will help you protect your current and future asset position.

  • We will continue to educate ourselves about any changes and developments in the law.

  • We have reasonable rates.

  • We will implement best practice protocols.